The power of multiple data collections

A Set of Solutions


OMR Data scanners with image capture and OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


Design and printing of optical forms for data collection and processing (exam sheets, survey sheets, etc.)


Powerful standard hardware or tailored to user needs.
cada controlar datos en poco tiempo

Capture data in no time

Discover our solution to speed up exam scoring and processing of school surveys, satisfaction surveys, quality surveys and other types of data capture. Welcome to the solution you were looking for.

cada rapido y preciso

Interpret your data in a matter of seconds

The work of teachers, psychologists, pollsters, supervisors, etc. is simplified with this tool that allows you to score an exam in a second. The system provides the student score as well as a grade according to a scale defined by the teacher. Results are displayed in simple comprehensive reports and charts.

cada montaje formularios

Optical forms

Forms that work with total guarantee in our optical scanners. Design and comprehensive advice to get the best equipment performance at the lowest price.

Official distributor in Spain


Standard or custom forms.

Forms that will work with full guarantee on optical readers.

Design and comprehensive advice

Professional design to achieve your goals in the most efficient way is essential. Get the best features of the equipment at the lowest costs.

Forms Printing Service

Quality controlled printing to ensure none fail.

Client Applications

• Academic Area • Research and Evaluations • Human Resources • Health Sector

Brief Assessment Test of Bullying

TEBAE © is our latest psychometric tool to assess bullying. It is mainly thought and designed for the evaluation of large groups of students. It is more than a psychometric test. It involves an entire software package for obtaining data on bullying and analysing of results.

It arises from an attempt to simplify the evaluation of bullying. Derived from the epidemiological results of the CISNEROS X investigation.