The best solutions for the automatic correction of multiple-choice tests and surveys processing

We offer optic readers and software for data capture and processing. Our solutions will allow you to automatically correct multiple-choice tests and process all kind of surveys. They also provide data interpretation thanks to informative graphs.

Equipment prepared for the recognition not only of marks (OMR) but also of printed (OCR) and handwritten (ICR) characters.

Paper forms

Optic forms design and printing for data collection and processing (exam sheets, survey sheets, etc.)

Powerful standard software. Also custom software tailored to user's needs.

Captura de datos

Capture data in a few minutes

Discover our optic readers and scanners at the best price, which facilitate the automatic correction of multiple-choice tests. At the same time, our equipments are prepared for the processing of scholar, satisfaction or quality surveys, as well as for other kind of data capture. In short, welcome to the solution you were looking for.

Data analysis and interpretation in a few minutes

Labor of teachers, psychologists, surveyors, supervisors, etc. is simplified with this tool. For this, our equipment allows the optical read automatic correction in a second of a multiple-choice test. Furthermore, the system provides the mark obtained by the studentas well as a score depending on a scale previously defined by the teacher. In addition, results are shown in reports and simple and complete graphs.
Análisis e interpretación de datos
Corrección automática de exámenes tipo test

Optic paper forms

Paper forms that will work with full guarantee in optic readers. Besides, you can count with our design and integral consultancy. In short, you will obtain the best services at the lowest costs.

Official distributor in Spain

Standard or custom forms

Forms that will work with full guarantee in optic readers. In addition, they adequate to your needs in order to achieve data capture, analysis and interpretation.

Design and integral consultancy

A professional design is essential in order to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. For this reason, our optic readers and scanners will provide you with the best benefits at the best price.
Formularios para lectores ópticos

Paper forms print services

Quality and controlled print to ensure the expected results

Applications for clients

  • Multiple-choice tests
Also surveys in processes of:
  • Research and evaluations.
  • Human resources.
  • Health sector.

Bullying Short Evaluation Test (TEBAE)

TEBAE© is our latest psychometric tool to evaluate bullying. Mainly, it is intended and design for the evaluation of big student groups. It is more than a psychometric tool as it is compound of a whole computerized system for the obtention of bullying data and computerization and interpretation of results.

It arises from the intention of simplifying and, more importantly, make the evaluation of bullying objetive. It comes from the epidemiological results of CISNEROS X research.