CADA specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to the problems of data capture. These include the guaranteed supply of all components involved :


Data Capture Scanners: Optical Mark Recognition (OMR ) Optical Character Recognition (OCR ) or Image Character Recognition (handwritten) (ICR ).


Optical Design and print forms for collecting and processing data (exam papers, survey sheets, etc...)


Powerful standard or custom software to user needs.

Thus, the company is responsible for the entire process rather than providing only part of the components and leave the others to customer .
CADA distributes Scantron products in Spain, Portugal and other European countries. Scantron specializes in data capture equipment manufacturing and related software and forms production and it is the leader in this field in the American market.
It is noteworthy that the optical image reader (or image scanner ) for simultaneous capture of manuscripts and marks, represents a significant technological advance over traditional optical mark reader that only captures marks since the former makes it a lot easier for the user the filling of forms and this results in benefits :
* Use simpler and cheaper forms
* Reduce time in the overall process of capturing the information.
The solutions offered are compatible with existing forms in the market and thus facilitate transition to new formats incorporating manuscript. CADA produces optical forms for readers of any brand at competitive prices through its expertise in the field of data capture and processing by optical scanning.