CADA Sistemas Informaticos, S.L. is a company based in Madrid, Spain.

Founded in 2003, CADA provides comprehensive computer solutions including the use of the newest techniques regarding Data Capture. 

Among the typical activities involving the management of mid and huge data quantities we can find:

  • Education evaluations.

  • All kind of surveys.

  • Electoral processes.

  • Censuses at all levels.

When we say “comprehensive” solutions we mean that we guarantee 100% of the process, providing to that end all the implicated components:


Data Capture Scanners: Optical Mark Recognition (OMR ) Optical Character Recognition (OCR ) or Image Character Recognition (handwritten) (ICR ).


Optical Design and print forms for collecting and processing data (exam papers, survey sheets, etc...)


Powerful standard or custom software to user needs.

CADA represents in Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania and other European countries the American brand Scantron, leader in the design and production of data capture equipment, as well as their inherent software and paper forms required for an efficient usage.

CADA autonomously presents all the resources needed in order to manage all kind of computer projects, specially those based on massive data capture. To achieve this, we offer different models of reliable high-quality scanners and are able to adjust to your particular needs.

Among them stands out the optical image reader for simultaneous capture of manuscripts and marks, representing a significant advance over the traditional optical mark reader (OMR technology), which is only able to interprete paper forms marks. Therefore, this reader makes the filling of forms much easier for the user, what results in benefits such as the use of simpler and cheaper paper forms, as well as the decrease of the time needed for the overall process of capturing the information.

The solutions offered are compatible with already existing paper forms in the market and thus facilitate the transition to new formats including manuscripts.

Furthermore, CADA autonomously designs and produces optical forms for readers of any brand at very competitive prices. This is due to its specialization and long experience in the context of data capture and processing through optical read.

We encourage you to read the available information in our website and contact us at your convenience whenever any doubt arises regarding our computer solutions. 

Juan M. Márquez Riquelme

CADA Sistemas Informáticos, S.L.