Practical and functional scanner for processes that manage low volume of documents.
In short, EZData is the ideal equipment for rapid and accurate data capture.

espacio limitado

When the space is limited

Its 5.5" x 5.5" size makes the Scantron EZData a convenient and portable scanning system. However, its practical size does not sacrifice performance as the EZData is compatible with the vast majority of Scantron’s robust data capture programs. In addition, this functional scanner has easy access to the paper feeder tray that allows removing any type of obstructions during the scan. It also allows cleaning the optical reading head in a quick and easy way. Acquire EZData in order to capture data in a quick and accurate way.

Client applications

Formularios para lectores ópticos

EZData for quick data capture:

Multiple-choice tests automatic correction

Course evaluation

Assessment of instructors and professors

Skills tests

Training surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys

Evaluation of conferences and seminars

Quality control inspections

Safety inspections

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Physical Dimensions

Length 5.5", height 2.6", width 5.5" and weight 2.5 lb 

Weight 2.5 lb

Environmental factors

Operating temperature, 41-113 ºF. Operating humidity, 30-80%. RH without condensation. Storage temperature -40-113 ºF. Storage humidity 5-90%. RH without condensation.

Electrical requirements

Operation 100-240 volts A, 47 - 63 Hz. Certified with CE mark. External universal power supply.


USB 2.0 version required.


Manual feed tray of 25 to 30 forms per minute. Power and operation indicator: Two LEDs (light emitting diodes) one green and the other red. Simple read head (single side, bottom) 0.25 ” space 1 timestamp / 12 responses. Forms size: from 3.25" x 3.25" to 3.25" x 14". Type of form: Marks in ink (blue or black) and pencil can be used. Document output can be at the back or front of the scanner.