iNSIGHT 150 

The Intelligent Solution in Imaging Technology:
- High speed and flexibility.
- The best scanner in cost / benefit ratio.
- Incredible precision.

Recolección datos

Solution for high volumes of information

The iNSIGHT 150 system is designed for automated information capture in production environments. This scanner has the best performance at high speeds without sacrificing precision, with which it can process your projects in a very short time and with a smaller number of equipment. The iNSIGHT 150 is the best performing brand optical reader on the market.

Easy to use

Easy to program and use. The Easy to program and use. The iNSIGHT 150 is designed for two types of reading: markings made with pencil (graphite) and markings made in black or blue ink. In addition, the open layout of the paper path allows visibility at all times. This facilitates the removal of the sheets and the cleaning of the transport mechanism.
Fácil de usar

Reading handwritten or printed characters

The iNSIGHT 150 system can interpret not only bubble marks (OMR), but also handwritten and printed characters (ICR and OCR), barcodes and numbers in binary code. For example, astudent'sdentity number can be pre-printed on the form to be read by the character recognizer, thus preventing the student from having to fill in their identity information in bubbles, saving time and possible errors.

Fast and productive

The iNSIGHT 150 system captures information in documents with the highest speeds available on the market. In addition, it allows to program the revision of some variables in the document with which the formats that do not comply with the specifications are automatically separated to the editing tray, facilitating the operation. Various tasks are performed during the scan to minimize errors and costly problems:
– Dynamic Deskew ™, document bias / deviation repair system. Reduces possible errors generated if the document enters the scanner skewed.
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Compatible software

Compatible with most software programs

The ScanTools Plus ™ program has been developed by Scantron so that the user can generate their own applications for the iNSIGHT 150. By creating images in traditional files, it allows compatibility with most document management systems and digital files. ScanTools Plus verifies the sequence of booklets and pages when scanned to ensure an optimal level of quality and control over the scanning process.

Helps ensure precision and accuracy

The technology used in the iNSIGHT 150 system enables it to generate the highest levels of precision in capturing information. An agile system, easy to operate with the following advantages: 
– Picture Perfect ™ ensures that handwritten or printed characters are easily recognized, eliminating distortionssgenerated by system speed.
– Image Quality Sentry ™, helps prevent the accumulation of lower quality images.
– Quick Check, allows a quick check of the mechanical integrity of the system. Unlike other scanners,, based on images taken withacamera system, both the Picture Perfect and the Image Quality Sentry operate on each sheet in real time, generating the highest levels of precision without slowing down the scanning speed.
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Scanning technology

Technology of scanning by line with the TDI method (Time, delay and integration) Grayscale output with a bit depth of 256 levels (8 bits)

Optical resolution

240 dots per inch (dpi)

Multifeed Detection

Magnetic field sensor


Ethernet cable

Software included 

ScanTools Plus for Windows

Electricity consumption in BTU

950 W (standby mode), 2,400 W (Scanning)

Electrical requirements

100-240 Volts AC (-10%, + 6%), 47 - 63 Hz, 15 amp dedicated circuit

Production speed

Up to 15,000 sheets (216 mm x 279 mm) per hour in OMR

Physical Dimensions

4.6' height x 4' width x 2.43' depth

Image format


Compression formats

CCITT Grupo 3/ Grupo 4, JPEG y RLE

Sheet size

From 3.25". x 7" up to 9". x 12".

Error detection

Multipage and skewed (skewed) page error detector


Tray capacity

Three trays:

  • 750-sheet feeder tray.
  • 750-sheet output tray.
  • 250-sheet reject tray.


Printing after scanning, maintaining processing speed (15,000 pages per hour).

Environmental factors

Operating temperature: 60.8 ºF - 78.8 ºF.

Operating humidity: 40—60% RH

Noise (sound pressure level)

Standby mode: <32 dB (A) Operating mode <70 dB (A)


486 lb