The scanner iNSIGHT 4ES constitues a
processor that identifies up to 16 levels of mark intensity.
Besides, it validates the data captured against a data base.


The reliability you need, from the company you trust

Scantron is a high-precision suite of data collection tools, with its proven OMR processes and image capture capabilities, to meet your data management needs.

The power of multiple data collection

The iNSIGHT 4ES accurately scans pencil and ink marks (such as those used, for example: on bubbles, check marks, tick marks) and barcodes, giving you the most efficient and accurate data available. It also adds the power and flexibility of image capture.
Recolección datos
Análisis e interpretación de datos

Accurate, quick and efficient

The iNSIGHT 4ES scanner 4ES  es preciso, rápido y eficiente. En primer lugar, tiene una tasa de rendimiento de formularios de hasta 2.800 hojas por hora. Además, presenta  una 100-sheet capacity automatic feeder tray that helps eliminate continuous form reloading and does not need constant operator attention. On the other hand, using continuous self-diagnosis, the 4ES iNSIGHT alerts the user when it detects conditions that may affect the accuracy of the data read.

Easy to use

The 4ES iNSIGHT scanner is easy to use and reads both pen and ink marks on an OMR form, giving you the most accurate and efficient readout available. Furthermore, it has an open feeding path that provides form visibility at all times. This allows easy access to remove forms and clean the transport system. The data scanning process incorporates a variety of response formats, including OMR bubbles, checkboxes, or essay-type responses – all with a single pass through the scanner!It allows you to easily share documents online with your colleagues, such as, tests to be graded by a group of teachers.
Fácil de usar
Corrección automática de exámenes tipo test

Multiple data collection

Lee marcas OMR tradicionales «burbujas». Captura clips de imágenes de texto o cuadros de texto, tales como respuestas en una prueba o comentarios en una encuesta. También es capaz de capturar imágenes de páginas completas. De igual forma,  convierte la información escrita en información digital con reconocimiento inteligente de caracteres (ICR) tales como nombre, dirección y número de identificación. Lee formularios en lápiz y tinta, incluyendo las respuestas en casillas de verificación, las respuestas de X, y los códigos de barras.

Client applications

Formularios para lectores ópticos

Testing and training

Tests and evaluations of Instructors (or trainers).

Also evaluations and monitoring of students and employees.

Research and evaluation

Study and data collection for product research. It includes, as well, software for assesments.

Human Resources

Attendance forms, benefits, application tracking, change of status in employees, employee surveys, 360-Degree surveys.

Medical services

Patient interview forms, patient satisfaction surveys, medical records, and other forms for patients. Risk assessments and patient needs. Nursing staff reports. Continuous formative evaluations.

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Automatic, tray of 100 forms.


2,300 forms / hour in image mode and 2,800 forms / hour in OMR mode.

Capture capacity

OMR marks in real time by hardware, OCR printed texts, ICR written texts, barcode and grayscale images, either of the entire form or of the selected areas.

Head type

Double (both sides of the sheet) with the ability to capture marks made with pencil, blue pen or black pen or only with pencil.

Trademark Discrimination

Processor that identifies 16 levels of mark intensity, to discriminate a correct mark from a smear or unintentional stain.

Online validations

Ability to perform validations of captured data vs. a database, at scanning time (online)


Sensores de detección de grosor de la hoja que evita que ingresen dos hojas juntas. También incluye sensores de corrección de giro de formulario «Skew».

Form size

From 2.5" x 5" to 9" x 14".


100 forms.

Main applications

Multiple-choice tests, school surveys, elections, competitive exams, satisfaction surveys, workplace climate surveys, teacher evaluation, report cards, etc.


Operating system

Windows 10

Software included

Scantools Plus for Windows – Scan only.


Impresor programable «Transport Printer» permite imprimir un número secuencial a cada formulario leído así como otros datos, verificando su lectura y facilitando su posterior seguimiento.