CADA Sistemas Informáticos, S.L. is a company based on Madrid, Spain.

Founded in 2003, CADA provides comprehensive computer solutions which include the use of the latest techniques for data capture. 

Among the most common activities which include mid or massive data quantities managing there are:

  • Educational evaluations.

  • All kind of surveys.

  • Electoral processes.

  • Census at all levels.


When we say "comprehensive solutions" we guarantee the 100% of the process, providing to that end all the components involved:

Equipment prepared for the recognition not only of marks (OMR) but also of printed (OCR) and handwritten (ICR) characters.

Paper forms

Optic forms design and printing for data collection and processing (exam sheets, survey sheets, etc.)

Powerful standard software. Also custom software tailored to user's needs.

CADA is the representative of the Scantron branch in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Romania and other European countries. Scantron is leader of North American market regarding the design and fabrication of data capture equipment, as well as the inherent software and forms required to managed the effectively.

CADA autonomously counts on all the resources needed in order to face any kind of computer project, especially those based on massive data capture. To that end, we have various models of high quality scanners and the reliability you need in order to fulfill your particular necessities. 

Among them stands out the optical image reader for simultaneous interpretation of both printed and handwritten marks, which represents an important advance in relation to the traditional mark optical reader (OMR technology). This eases the user to fulfill the forms, with consequent benefits such as the usage of simpler and cheaper forms, as well as the reduction of the time needed in the global process of information capture.

The solutions offered are compatible with the market-already-existing forms and, as a consequence, they ease the transition to new formats which include manuscripts.

At the same time, CADA independently design and produce optical forms for readers of any branch at very competitive prices. This is thanks to its specialization and long experience within the field of data capture and processing using optical read.

We encourage you to read the available information in our website and contact us at your convenience for every hesitation you might have regarding our computer solutions. 


CADA Sistemas Informáticos, S.L.