Multiple-choice test automatic correction: EdumetricPlus 

EdumetricPlus is based in OMR (Optical Marks Recognition) in order to acquire the information expressed through marks in a paper form. This enables the automatic correction of multiple-choice tests. In addition, EdumetricPlus generates customizable reports and graphs from results obtained by students, in order to easily follow, study and access to the individual situation of each student.

Corrección automática de exámenes tipo test

Multiple-choice tests

Teachers’ work is simplified with EdumetricPlus, since this tool because it allows correcting a test-type exam in a second. The system provides the score obtained by the student,, as well as, grade according to a scale defined by the teacher. Results are displayed in simple and comprehensive reports and charts. On the other hand, EdumetricPlus offers the possibility to customize your forms, and also to establish databases with which results are automatically compared.

Scholar surveys

Edumetric * allows you to acquire data from school surveys and generate statistics, graphs and reports in a few minutes.


Accuracy and Speed

EdumetricPlus guarantees a high accuracy and allows the teacher to win so much time that they will be able to do tests and surveys more frequently. That improves the student-teacher, feedback and, consequently,, decisions are better made obtaining a better education. Do not waste time correcting exams manually.


You can get all these benefits at the best price, thought to be at within reach of every educative institution.


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