ScanTools Prisma

ScanTools Prisma provides the accuracy of OMR data and the ability to gather critical images—all in a single pass through the scanner.

Recolección datos

Data collection software, for ordinary paper

The optional ScanFlex module from ScanTools Prisma ® is designed to be used in conjunction with the PrintFlex module from Scantron Design Expert ™. This set gives you the flexibility to print forms designed with this software on a personal printer, being able to print as many forms as you want, whenever you need it. ScanFlex fits a personal printer printer and is designed for use with iNSIGHT ™ line scanners.

OMR Scan Trust

If you are new to ScanTools or have long relied on its capabilities, you will delight in features that allow you to start collecting data for your projects quickly and efficiently. ScanTools Plus retains all the functionality and flexibility that you already know, while making it easy to use.
Tecnología OMR
Control de datos

Control your data

You can create applications for collecting data on single or multiple page forms. The visual interface guides you throughout the entire project development process. You can also define the types of fields, the location and the order in which you want the data to be stored. Later you can send the data to your PC or to a central server for information processing and report generation or simply save it for future use.

Validate Accurately

You can use the online editing capabilities of ScanTools Prisma to correct ASCII data while scanning or make corrections to the scan when it is complete. ScanTools Plus allows you to set your own rules for your interpretation. For example, you can configure how to handle multiple or blank responses,, stop the scanner, rejected sheet or print an error message on the form or log output.
Análisis e interpretación de datos
ScanTools Plus

Support Programs

User help provides you with virtual walks through every aspect of ScanTools Plus Prismain a convenient, easy-to-read format. If you decide to do an integration of Scantron systems, our professionals are available to help you at all times. We can develop custom applications and output files for you with ScanTools. We also offer training and coaching for Scantools Prisma Prisma and help you optimize your investment. Check the value of custom app development and training packages at the time of your purchase, we will inform you about issues related to scheduling and training..

Optional modules for ScanTools Plus

Formularios para lectores ópticos

ScanFlex module adapts the scanning of plain paper forms designed and printed using Design Expert PrintFlex module o any other form design package of your election.

Score module from ScanTools Plus allows you to obtain the score of multiple-choice or true or false tests after scanned. Direct exam scoring and qualification are printed in the form and registered in the output file.

An execution time ScanTools Prima license allows you to centrally develop and remotely install applications in order to scan, correct an mark in multiples websites.

The Real Time Character Recognition used by NestorReader provides you with the capacity to review and perform data recognition based on image or handwritten and printed characters. The correction or edition is now available within ScanTools Plus v6.4 or higher.

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