The iNSIGHT700c is Scantron’s newest model. This powerful high-performance Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Imaging scanner can scan OMR and color images at a single pass. Captures pencil or ink OMR marks, barcodes, handprint, images (complete form or image snippets such as comment clips, handwritten responses, student pictures, thumbprints, and much more) at a rate of 6,600 sheets an hour.

The most complete data in one step

A single read head that captures OMR and image information in one easy step: ink or pencil marks, barcodes, print characters, images and much more.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors Image Quality Sentry continuously monitors the scan to ensure accurate results. This virtually eliminates dust or dirt reading problems.
Evite errores
Análisis e interpretación de datos

High-speed accuracy

Procesa hasta 6.600 hojas por hora (13.200 páginas) usando 256 niveles de grises y hasta 16 millones de colores.

High resolution images

The capacity of iNSIGHT 700C to digitalize documents allows image capture up to 60 dpi full color.
Alta resolución

Eliminate uncertainty when scanning

The open feed path provides a clear view of the forms to be scanned, while preventing dust build-up. See and immediately clear obstructions in the route.

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Physical description

Length: 32". Height: 9". Width: 13.8". Weight approx: 35.53 lb.



Operating temperature: 60 ° –85 ° F (16 ° –29 ° C). Humidity 40% –60%, without condensation. Heat dissipation: Maximum 2600 BTU per hour (complete system).


Standard: 47–63 Hz, 100–240 VAC + 5%, -10%. Requires a dedicated 15 amp single phase circuit.


USB 3.0


Reading head:
- OMR: Pencil (infrared light), ink (red light), 16 levels of trademark discrimination
- Image: 600 dpi, 16 million colours 256-level grayscale, images with or without interlacing
– Paper forms: 21/2″ x 5″ a 9″ x 14″ (64 mm x 127 mm a 229 mm x 356 mm)
– También sensores de corrección de giro de formulario «Skew»



Single reading head:
• OMR: mark discrimination with 256 levels, at 240 dpi, automatic calibration reading head, double-sided reflective reading
• Image: 600 dpi, 16 million colours 256-level grayscale
• Automatic feed tray with a capacity of 500 sheets.
• Programmable printer Optional: double output tray